“All great things are simple, and many can be expressed in single words: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.” Winston Churchill

Saturday, September 27, 2008


I'm not sure how guilty I should feel. I had a business trip this past week to New Mexico. It took me to the El Paso Airport and Elder Mark Brimley is just across the border in Juarez. Oh well, I drove across and found his home. Elder Matamoros opened the door. They were home that morning because it is their planning day and they spend about 3 hours making plans for next week. I took him a coat for the winter and got a few pictures and left. His companion was great. Mark rattled off Spanish like a native. Their place looked like a typical missionary apartment. Mark is very involved in the work and concerned about the progress in their ward. He told me they have seen things he hasn't told us about and I made him promise not to tell his mom.

All in all, I really loved driving around Juarez. I found the temple, but I missed the only session that day until 7 PM. I ate at a litte burrito/torta cafe and made my way around speaking a little spanish. The people I talked with were very nice.

View Larger Map'>Here is a map. Mark's place is close to the intersection of Juan Gabriel & Zaragosa

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Of all the exciting things about the choice of Sarah Palin as Vice-Presidential nominee, perhaps the most remarkable is the light thrown on little Trig.  There he is, a bright, beautiful, innocent child born with an extra chromosome.  That "defect" is his protection from this evil world.  One that will keep him innocent throughout whatever time he may live on this earth.  God bless his mother and father who knew he was coming and welcomed him into their home.  And pity those poor women (and men) who chose, after learning through amnioscentisis of the possibility of Down's syndrome, to stop the life of an innocent spirit, and prevent needed experience for him (or her) and his parents.  And pity all those who chose for even sillier reasons to stop a life before it has a chance.

Added September 13 from Hugh Hewitt.  In a letter from a pediatriacian:

If you have a minute I would like tell you a little story. For whatever reason, I had a fair number of parents with Downs children who would ask me to anesthetize their children, one in particular is still deep in my memory: a little darling and sweet little Downs boy (I can't remember the age) was anesthetized by me for a minor surgical procedure everything went very well and after taking to the PACU (post-anesthesia care unit) I went to speak the parents. After all the question were answered, the mother asked if there was any way his older brother could see him. He had purposely come from college to see his brother and had to go back. (At the time parents or family members were not allowed to go into PACU. I went back to the all powerful and wonderful nurses, and to make a long story shorter, the brother was allowed to come in. As the nurses and I looked back there was big brother on the stretcher with little brother in his arms. No more pain medication was needed for a child that was now comforted by the love of his brother. It made our day, For those of us who may not think Downs are special think again.All children are special. Children with disabilities are remarkably so, and their parents are greatly admired by all decent Americans.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Article 6 Still Under Attack

This comment was posted in the Article 6 blog. Go there sometime.

I would guess that you are far to confident and your memories are way too short if you think you are finished commenting on events. Although much of your focus has been on the Romney campaign, as you have mentioned many times, the MSM and the liberal left (sorry about the redundancy) are locked into identity politics and are glad to continue to tie evangelicals (and any sincere Christian religionists) to the nearest backward redneck. As Andrea Mitchell pointed out, to paraphrase, Hillary supporters will not be drawn to Sarah Palin, except the uneducated. The bigots will call it "flip-flops", they will claim hypocrisy (see, abstinence education doesn't work), they will continue to expose a young girl and her family to ridicule to help preserve the "right of privacy", they will claim that we want to "force our values" on them, and that anyone who can believe (insert any miraculous or spiritual event here) can't be trusted to run the country. No, my friends, the loss of the Mormon candidate will not stop your work. The lesson to, hopefully, come out of this campaign will be that all believers in Christ and/or Judeo-Christian values (even when held by other religionists) need to stand up together for our country and those values. Buddha for Mitt