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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Glen Beck tells a story

Does it bug you that Glen Beck has been so negative about Mitt Romney?  He has (if you'll pardon the expression) called him anything but a white man.  He has constantly criticized his politics and called him a flip-flopper.  According to Beck, Romney has not been sufficiently conservative.

Well, Beck has done a flip-flop.  He has now praised Romney and compared him to George Washington.  I hold an admittedly biased point of view.  My dad once told me that the higher in church offices he had met men, the better they had been.  That has been my observation as well.  Bishops and Stake Presidents are often good and humble men.  I have felt that Mitt Romney was one of those good and humble men who is also extremely smart and hard-working.  Now it turns out that he has also been very generous.

Please watch the attached video:


Jesus Nazareth said...

Mitt Romney is closer to George Jefferson than George Washington. I too heard Glen Becks comments saying Romney will be the next George Washington; I don't think his comment had anything to do with his current selling of a book about George Washington, I mean Glen wouldn't do something like that would he? Yeah right. Just Reverse any comment a Republican has to say about a democrat and you will get the truth, same works when they talk about themselves. The truth hurts for some.

brimstan said...

Okay, shoot the messenger, but Mitt Romney turns out to be a pretty decent guy. Does that truth hurt?

Anonymous said...

like i said romney a decent guy becomes romneys a complete asshole. I think most sane people agree romney is the worst of humanity

brimstan said...

I guess I'm insane.